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Enterprise Architecture Practice

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How to align the right solution from a Universe of possible strategies and technologies

Confronted with a myriad of scenarios, use cases, customization, and rapidly evolving technology solutions, an architect’s task can sometimes seem daunting.

At Zyzygy we focus on holistic and durable value, one that persists over time in the form of bottom line financial improvement. But also as strategic control points, multi sided impacts and alternative sources of monetization. Application of Lean Architecture principles such as focused TOGAF, Lean six sigma, SaFE in combination with Agile delivery methodologies and closed-loop analytics are just some of the tools being leveraged to achieve results that are durable and evolving. 

Enterprise Architects

An Enterprise Architect, when presented with a business challenge, works closely alongside the company stakeholders, partners and customers, understanding the entire ecosystem. Then she/he applies heuristics, knowledge and expertise to bring in the best end to end value-generating solution. 

At Zyzygy we embrace transparent partnerships with our customers that result in mutually beneficial engagements.

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