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Google Cloud Partnership

Zyzygy joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage

Your partner in optimizing business success through strategic Enterprise Architecture solutions

Zyzygy announces that it has joined Google Cloud Partner Advantage as a Google Cloud partner level for the Service engagement model, enabling Google Cloud customers to deliver tangible value through their operations.


As a Google Cloud partner, Zyzygy offers innovative, integrated, and end-to-end solutions, tailored to every organization requirement. Our diverse industry experience and commitment to Google Cloud’s SRE philosophy empowers us to assist clients in addressing and achieving their digital transformation, through cloud-based digital architecture.


“We are honored to join Google Cloud Partner Advantage”, says Edgardo Promenzio [Zyzygy’s CEO].. “Zyzygy’s collaboration with Google Cloud offers customers personalized field support combined with Google Cloud’s trusted infrastructure and technology.”


Our Specializations


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Cloud transformation ✦

Cloud adoption ✦

Cloud architecture ✦

Observability ✦

Networking ✦

DataBases migration ✦

About Zyzygy:


Zyzygy. Inc is a value driven enterprise architecture company that provides innovative and integral solutions, based on the optimization of business processes and the leverage of modern technological components . We are committed to the creation of sustainable value that benefits all parties involved.