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Zyzygy Inc. is a US Benefit Corporation, and its vision explicitly states the company fundamental intent:


Zyzygy Inc. is proud to partner with several B2B and B2C customers currently embarked in successful digital transformations
“To resolve business problems by designing and implementing innovative solutions and/or identifying technology solutions already existing in other parts of the world and that can be applied, adapted or integrated as part of a more complete system”
Our international exposure, diverse experience acumen, and corporate DNA of searching for social and environmental benefit, are the key drivers of our success
Zyzygy Inc. is constantly evaluating and incorporating global technology solutions and providers to solve challenges faced by any of our practices and delivery teams. Please reach out if your solution is a game changer and we will get in contact to evaluate partnerships

Innovative technologies

We play in different markets. We understand several industries based on our strong partnership with customers. We are better positioned to drive adoption of innovative technologies from inside. We work for, with and as the customer. Contact us with your game-changing technology ideas and we will have a solutions architecture and technology introduction chat

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